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Secrets Of The Psychic!

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Secrets Of The Psychic
‘Journeying into other worlds, heavens, universes, realities!
The Imaginal Landscapes and the Astrological Sphere!
Around this Physical World and Many More, Astral Projection takes us into the not so physical and travels us well into the
not so known further dimensional worlds.
 …Through The Astral Sphere!
Energy, Healing To Empowerment’
Lucid Being
Success Of The Sleep Paralysis And Ensuring All Bases!
Waiting, to call the kettle black… Realistically if we hold expectations and wait for sleep paralysis to occur, most likely we will be disappointed over and over. While we wait, our minds wander, we successfully drift into the normal world of sleep. Discouragement follows…
The elusive trick is to wake ourselves up while we are already in the REM state. Then through this stage we trick our ‘bodies’ into sleeping, if possible, while our minds are ideally as close as at all possible to being in this REM state we know so well.   
Reincarnate My Past
Or Future Incarnations
Predestined Purpose in Life, speaking a strange language, unexplained talents, memories otherwise impossible, are some of our reincarnating evidence we have in these lives or other lives. Why does our possible past life recall fade through life? Is it only us humans that transmigrate – or does every living creature live a Never Ending Story?
Pablo Picasso, Blaise Pascal, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are just a few names that are synonymous with ‘Child Prodigy’. How did such humans in such early life develop such maturity in their fields so quickly? Freak Evolution, Divine Intervention, Previous life consciousness spill-over or Past Life abilities passed along? – Or Transmigration of the Spirit?
An explanation for this ‘improbable knowledge’ is telepathy, however telepathy wouldn’t show such bias and isolated shared experiences of knowledge or higher callings. Telepathy is far more in the here and now. Reincarnation Recall, however, is far more highly accepted as the clearly remembered experiences or mysteriously acquired knowledge as far more personal (spiritual) and ‘actually lived’ first hand by the recipient.
Alternative explanations are that telepathy becomes the device, for the recipient to take on this knowledge or experiences, at a precise time of passing from the sender spirit. In any form, a question remains that why is it mainly children who are the recipients of these telepathic gifts? In either theory or reality, whether it is purely reincarnation or telepathy or both (as a device) they are still ultimately separated by the outcomes.
Transmigration or Reincarnation – memories and past life awarenesses fade as most of life gets in the way through our current lives. (Encouragement or discouragement of awareness can play a hinging part by those around us). Knowledge/Information can feasibly be sent telepathically by the living or deceased (via energy/frequency), however, shining talents and/or abilities of speaking and understanding other languages, composing a symphony at age of eight is clearly beyond fluke or telepathy.
Possession and manipulation by a spirit, (good or bad), is always a remote possibility, but we must ask ourselves – to what end?
Imprinting memories and personal nature as creatures do is still in the equation of all the possible explanations of the special knowledge and abilities, but the usual reincarnation testimonies are that of (actually living this ‘other’ life).
Consciousness Survival and the concept of time not existing outside of the paradigm of human or animal flesh brings assurance of life after death, and disparity of continued existence has to be fathomed in a whole new way. Whether depending on our earthly issues; such as guilt, anger, grievances, even non-acceptance, the non-time factor still exists and whether we choose or whether we are chosen for a different body and time is completely irrelevant to the scheme.
In any case, psychologists and psychiatrists helping patients with controlled regression, (moments of passing over in other lives), hear countless testimonies of similarities. These similarities being the similar experiences experienced as those who have experienced OBEs (Out Of Body Experiences). 
Ultimately, this consistent collaboration of evidence from far and wide does bring together a consensus, and hopefully this consensus builds upon a multitude of further questions and comfort for many.   
Starting Over Observe
The Prestige Vanquish Nothing
How often have we had such thoughts as ‘I Wish I Could START OVER!’, Vanquish the Mistakes, Improve on Presence and even just possibly ‘think’ things through greater? Us of the earth (Zen) over time begin to break the negative links and observe as we ARE – if only without corruption of direction we become our own Influencers of The Prestige Observance…
Our Spirit Animal In A New Light
We Transform They Transform
The landscapes of our relationships, our recognition of life, the guidance we seek – often times we can thank our Spirit Animal! Our understanding of our ever-present Spirit Animal connection through inspiration and strength is the real empowering link that goes with the spirit territory…
‘I Know That I Am Intelligent
Because I Know That I Know Nothing!’
Socrates, Daemons, Angels, Spirit Guides, And The Psychic Voice.
It is no secret that history has buried many a psychic experience. The animosity and bias toward psychic happenings going way back is and has been widely accepted by society and human nature, therefore it has been easier to rewrite history than deal with events plagued with mystery and ambiguity. Christianity and Paganism through history are prime examples of this dabbling with truth by mainly hierarchical male figures. Church-run states with accepted concerns of losing control took it upon themselves to feed the public what was in their very best ‘religious’ interests…
Distance ‘Life Force’
Healing For Everyone
Improve, Correct, Perfect Our Overall Well-Being And Potential. This divine existence of spirituality we all have is Chi (Life-Force – Universal), this is healing power that is limitless. In vibration we rise, we boost our positivity, we lift our strength, we gain peace – we live complete.
From the energy of emotions to the energy of our conversations and even purely the energy of our inward and outward focus, we enter the ‘electro’ fields of our own or of others. This healing energy never withers, is in constant change, and forever moves. 
Constant change and movement of energy can and does throw us off balance. This is where the importance of quiet focus and an ever searching of the mindfulness is paramount to the soul.
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