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Dragon Year 2022

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Dragon year 2022 Dragon year – despite prevalent calculi as tiger year.

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* 2025 Venus in Pegasus 2017 | Mesopotamian Yersina Pestis comet approach.
* Doomsday comet unleashes |::||| plague after its last visit 6000 years ago.
* At the epoch: Jericho withstood plague but not Anadolians; Mesopotamia was plagued.
* 2010 BoE corvine moons (Moon in Corvus) mark preemptive investments into WW3.
* WW3 happened with Saturn Pluto (Jupiter) conjunction - as duly anticipated.
* Neo-Fascism on the rise in Italy with Niku Apocalypse in Serpens Caput.
* USA ascendant Serpens Cauda to follow suit as per (historically) usual.
* UK government as asininely adamant in launching endless detrimental directives w/ Moon in Cetus |||
* Niku is a forever retrograding planet stirring awake the Star of the Devil.
* The Devil's own Star is Unuk-al-Hai Alpha Serpentis in Serpens Caput.
* Serpens Caput hosts Alpha Serpentis and Italian serpentine fascist ascendant.
* America has been discovered in perusing Venetian geographical maps.
* The reptilian ascendant of the USA is Serpens Cauda; giving place to ornithological Aquila.
* Serpens Cauda is the tail of the snake - thus rattlesnake - Don't Tread on Me: Tread-stone.

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