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The 7 Seals

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Have you ever asked yourself the question why the pyramids of Giza have the “4 & 3”-shape they have? Have you ever asked yourself the question why so many spiritual-religious streams of humanity use(d) the number 7, including the current world religions (the 7 candles of the original Menorah, 7 Archangels, 7 times around the Kaaba, 7 main chakras, …)?

The question can also be put as follows: do you wish to experience and embody a Heaven on Earth?

After reading this book you will have deeper knowledge of the meaning of these 7; and above all what these mean for yourself and where you can find these in your very own being. Knowledge of these 7 allow you to experience that Heaven on Earth, on the condition you put into practice the knowledge. Become your own healer, know your own 7 “seals”. The book also contains meditation exercises for localising, visualising and experiencing these 7 aspects in yourself.

Number of pages: 86

Table of Contents

0. Introduction: There Are Said To Be Seven Seals Sealing A Gate       1
I. What Is Truth? – And A Neolithic Site       3
II. The Fate Of Symbolism – It Is About The Power Of Love, Not The Love Of Power      14
III. As To The Seven       18
IV. The Four And The Elements       23
    + Something To Contemplate       25
V. Back To The Seven       29
     + WHY?       33
     + Breathing & Meditating       37
VI. “As Within, So Without”, Including “The Family”       41
VII. The Seven And The Platonic Solids       58
VIII. Conclusion: The First 7 Of The 777 Message       67


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