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Get the Most out of Trade Expo's

Get the most out of Trade Expo's

This course consists of seven sections and 12 lessons.

It covers why you won't make the sales you are hoping for, and why. This course delves into the basics of what you should be considering if particupating in a Trade Show or Expo, and more importantly, it explains how to get the most value out of your attendance, and why.

The price of Trade Expo's

How to Make the Most out of Trade Expo's


Course curriculum


Section 1: Professionally Organised

Lesson 1: It doesn't matter

Lesson 2: Being professionally organised

Lesson 3: Stall space, floor plan

Section 2: You probably won't make sales

Lesson 4: The Reality

Lesson 5: What are they watching & waiting for?

Lesson 6: Email is your friend

Section 3: The biggest benefit is self education

Lesson 7: Guest Speakers

Lesson 8: What are they doing?

Section 4: The benefit of relationships

Lesson 9: Relationships are the key to your future success

Section 5: Are trade expo's worth it?

Lesson 10: A discussion on the worth of a trade show

Section 6: Make Cash

Lesson 11: The last few hours of the last day

Section 7: Hints & Tips

Lesson 12: Hints & Tips