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The Effortless Way to Stop Smoking (ENGLISH)

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(Σημείωση: Είναι η αγγλική έκδοση του γνωστού βιβλίου "πώς να απαλλαγείτε από το κάπνισμα πανεύκολα!")

“What could a book be in aid of? All I need is Willpower.”

However, strangely enough, of all those who muster even the strongest willpower, very few make it, usually paying a big psychological price. All this because they don’t know the STAGGERING SECRET of smoking, which is also the secret to easily quitting it...

The book is the result of Thanos Apos’ five-year research (he was a chain smoker for years). It aspires to help you quit smoking EASILY and FOREVER, changing your life in an unforgettable way!

About the Author:

Thanos Apos lives and works as a high school teacher in Greece. From an early age, he started dabbling in nutrition and health issues, psychology, and addictions. The result of his long research are the 3 books that were published in Greece. His book on smoking was a great success in its Greek version, and has helped tens of thousands of smokers to get rid of their addiction.

As of 2017, the books are gradually being translated into English
You will get a PDF (2MB) file

Customer Reviews

Sed D.

1 year ago

It helped me!

This is an excellent little book. It has done the job for me.

Winner! (ENGLISH)