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How to Pivot Your Mindset – Post Lockdown is the ultimate guide to developing the skills you need – including: how to recover swiftly to bounce back from lockdown, strategies to pivot your mental health for ongoing personal growth, how to connect with your purpose and much more…

Your world has changed due to the unprecedented events of the global pandemic, where you may have experienced health fears caused by the virus. Maybe you have been caught up in the uncertainty and anxiety that the accompanying economic downturn has caused. Or, perhaps you have been unaffected but see the opportunity to create new meaning at this time of change. Whatever your circumstances and situation, this invaluable comeback compendium is essential reading to pivot out of lockdown.

You will be exploring how your mindset affects you, what the impact of the recent events may have triggered in your unconscious and how to make a difference when serving others with your unique gifts and talents. You are a powerful creator and, by reading this book, you will discover ways to connect with your purpose.

You will also be learning about the Four Pillars of Happiness that underpin your mindset for your future.In each chapter you will find vital tips, tools and strategies to bounce back. Methods and ideas that are practical and based on ensuring you have the optimum mindset to thrive post lockdown.

You will learn sustainable techniques to build your mental resilience, unlock your potential, free your mind and reset your psychological well-being. Your thoughts, emotions and beliefs play an important role in your recovery.

I became an ‘unintentional expert’ in self-sabotage and my recovery from addictions and suffering took over twenty years. This essential guide to transmuting your mindset is based on my real-life experience and many years of research. I discovered how to pivot my life from chaos and sabotage, to create a life I love. My desire is to inspire you to go out in the world and make a difference.

You have special gifts and talents; it is your responsibility to serve humanity with those unique attributes you possess. There is only one of you, so what are you here to create? What impact do you want to have in your lifetime?

My vision is to heal suffering. When I discovered this vision and aligned with my purpose to make a difference to the world, it was a pivotal moment in my life. I literally unlocked the key drivers and aligned with what makes me happy. That did not happen overnight, I had to work on my mindset and personal development to be in the best place to pivot. By reading this book and following the action steps, you can achieve the results beyond your normal expectations. You can be in the best place to transform and make a difference, but you must have a resilient mindset to pivot your thinking in the new world. Let this book guide you on your pathway to growth, as you discover the secret that lies within…
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