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Folk Violin and Viola Duets Vol. 2 - Sheet Music - PDF

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This is a collection of 40 traditional folk tunes, arranged for a violin (or another melody instrument) playing the main tune, and a viola playing a harmony part. The viola parts are written in alto clef and fit on the viola in first position. The violin parts are written in treble clef. There are chords written above the melody, so they can be played with an accompanist, e.g. on guitar or piano.

To see demo videos of some of the arrangements and read more about the sheet music, visit

The scores are provided without bowings or grace notes, as these are personal to each player and should be developed independently according to preference.

All the tunes are written in the key that they are usually played in (i.e. the traditional key that a violin would play them).

The following tunes are included:

Ballydesmond Polka
Boys of the Town
Britches Full of Stitches
Coleman’s (slipjig)
Connaughtman’s Rambles
Cuckold Come Out the Amrey
Dennis Murphy’s
Down by the Salley Gardens
Du’s Bun Lang Awa An A’m Tocht Lang Ta See Dee
Dusty Windowsill
Egan’s Polka
Farewell to Whisky
Flowers of Edinburgh
Go to Berwick, Johnny
Gravel Walks
Harvest Home
Haste to the Wedding
John Ryan’s Polka
Kid on the Mountain, The
Kitty Lie Over
Lark in the Morning
Maggie in the Woods
Margaret’s Waltz
The Miller's Maggot
Mountain Road
Mrs McLeod of Raasay
Mug of Brown Ale
My Darling Asleep
Off to California
Old Favourite (Kilfenora)
Peacock Follow the Hen
Rakes of Kildare
Redesdale Hornpipe
Sir John Fenwick’s
Sportsman’s Hornpipe
Star of Munster, The
Tobin’s Favourite
Tripping Upstairs
Wind That Shakes the Barley, The
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