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Write the Story of Your Life Printable Journal Pages For Children of All Ages

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116 Writing Prompts - Fun Characters - 16 Categories

Every child has an amazing story to tell about their lives. Encourage your kids to start their own stories with our fun character writing prompt pages.

These writing prompts are designed to help your child get started writing their own journal/story. Each page has a writing prompt to inspire your child's creativity. Plus Category pages for each section of the journal.

116 Printable Creative Writing Prompt Journal Pages.

Every child deserves to feel good about who they are, who they want to be, and know they deserve to achieve even their wildest dreams.

These pages will help your children create anything they can imagine. Children deserve to have an imaginary life. They will become stronger, achieve more and become all they can be by fully using their imagination.

Imagination can take you anywhere you want to go. If you can imagine you are flying to another country. Focus your mind and allow yourself to go there in your mind. You will feel as if you are there and someday it may become a reality.

Each category has pages for your child to write about their life, feelings, good times, bad times, best times, friends and family.

They encourage your child to be creative and express themselves in a positive healthy way to improve there lives and bring them joy.

Plus, you will get 16 blank lined pages with the categories and characters to use for extra writing each day as needed. All the pages are 8 1/2 by 11 inch. You can use a standard size 3 ring binder for your journal.

Each writing prompt includes a subject to write about, how you feel about things, creative ideas, wishes, hopes and dreams. Choose one each day and let your imagination go wild.

Journaling will help your child . . .

 * learn to use their imagination and be more creative

 * figure out how to handle problems and find solutions to help them grow

 * be happier and more confident

 * learn to be grateful for everything they have and appreciate life more

 * look forward to each day knowing they can accomplish anything

 * learn how to appreciate even the little things in life

 * increase self-esteem and self-confidence

 * learn to see things in a positive light

 * develop habits for a successful life

19 Stickers Including Categories and Azpazaz Bunch Logo Stickers

You will also get 2 full size 8 1/2 by 11 inch pages with the categories and fun characters. The stickers come in assorted sizes.

You can print them on magnet paper, full sticker sheets, card stock or paper. Cut them out and post them in your journal or around your room to add some fun to your space.

72 Azpazaz Bunch Character Stickers With Their Names

You will also get 6 full size 8 1/2 by 11 inch pages with 12 "Azpazaz Bunch Characters" with their names. Each sticker is approximately 2 1/2 by 2 1/4 inch each.

You can print them on full sticker sheets, magnet paper, card stock or paper. Cut them out and post them in your journal or around your room to add some fun to your space.

You Get All This In One Package

116 Writing Prompt Azpazaz Bunch Character Pages

16 Blank Lined Character Category Pages For Extra Writing

16 Category Writing Prompt Cover Pages

19 Stickers Including Categories and Azpazaz Bunch Logo Stickers

72 Azpazaz Bunch Character Stickers With Their Names

A Fun Cover Page For Your Journal

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ATTENTION: This is a downloadable package in PDF files with all the designs. These are printable designs, not ready made. You will need card stock, paper, magnet sheets, or sticker sheets to print these on your own printer. They are all high definition pictures to insure your printed designs will be of beautiful quality. Once your payment goes through you will be sent your download link immediately so you can start creating right away.

Because not all monitors are the same, I cannot guarantee that the colors shown will be exactly the same when printed. All the colors could vary from the photos shown.

USAGE RIGHTS: These designs are my own personal creation. Please do not copy or distribute these designs. They are for your own personal use.

All the characters and artwork maintain a copyright. You may not use any of these images for commercial use, mass production, profitability or reselling of these printable design PDF's or the finished products. You are permitted to use them only for personal use for your own family or events. You may not use any of the graphics included in this package on any website, for logos or any digital medium.

All the characters are © copyright Tracie Johansen - Please no sharing of files. If you have friends that want them, please send them to my offer.
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