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Samba de Natal

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A collection of melodies from well-known carols and songs from the Christmas period set to a Brazilian inspired groove. The medley of music is put together based on the ‘musical switch’ format (quickly changing from one theme to the next) for a beginner ensemble. For 8 to 12 players (4 additional percussion parts) any, none or all of theses optional parts can be added depending on your circumstances and the availability of instruments/players and for more performance possibilities Bb and Eb versions of the Melody and Harmony parts are included arranged for the novice performer.

Formatted for print or tablet screen the single PDF includes the score and all the parts (26pages).


1 Melody – glockenspiel or xylophone, vibraphone, marimba (or violin, additional parts in Bb and Eb for brass or saxophones), 2 Shaker, 3 Scraper, 4 Harmony – glockenspiel or xylophone (or flute, violin or piano, additional parts in Bb and Eb for brass or saxophones), 5 Timpani (2) no pedals needed, 6 Surdo, 7 Tambourine 1, 8 Ago go bells, 9 (optional) Tambourine 2, 10 (optional) Drum kit, 11 (optional) Whistle, 12 (optional) Tamborim

You will get a PDF (2MB) file
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