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Finding Purpose: Boogie's Story

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What is purpose and how does one go about finding it? We may have all asked these questions at some point or another. Boogie has some of the same questions. He is a confused inner-city teenager who needs guidance as he is on the border of living a destructive life. He has two prior arrest and doesn’t appear to have learned his lesson. The streets have been his way out in the past. The reality of the matter is that his behavior will directly or indirectly affect his loved ones. Deep down inside, he wants to make his mother proud of him. He does have a few goals of living a good life and being successful. He attempts to answer some difficult questions about life on his own. Without a positive male role model in his life, he has the burden of figuring out what it is to become a young man. Will Boogie find “Purpose” or will he learn just another hard lesson?

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