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'Magnifying Glass' is my first collection of poetry and is published by Black Eyes Publishing UK.

If you buy your copy from here it will be my pleasure to sign it for you.

You can read the testimonials for this book below:

Sue Finch’s poems are flesh on the skeletons of folktales. They are inhabited by creatures who breathe quietly in the human dusk. They are tender, straight-talking, yet can catch you off-guard with their slanted pathways.
Helen Ivory

Sue Finch is a writer of great versatility. Her wide repertoire includes poems that startle and shock with their strong themes (suicide, heartache, trauma within the family), and also quirkier, observational poems, poems which celebrate a star gazing brother, or try to bring the moon down from the sky for a lover.

What all her poems have in common however, is a charge and electric current, language that (in the words of Dylan Thomas) lifts off the page, vivid and immersive imagery and a rich musicality and a fresh new reading of fairytale and ancient tales.

To read Sue is to be transported to other worlds, not just the gorgeous yet unsettling lands of the Hare Mother, the Red Shoes or a traumatised Rapunzel, but to worlds in which the everyday is transformed into the stuff of myth and legend.

A glorious and transcendent read from a poet with a fiercely original vision of the world, and a strongly developed imagination.
Anna Saunders, Cheltenham Poetry Festival Founding Director.

'Sue Finch’s poems have the ability both to beguile and shock you with their humour, tenderness and darkness. Her confident dexterity with language and voice scoops the reader up and deposits them firmly in the world of her poems, whether that be family history, domesticity or an old fairy tale seen through new eyes. Sue’s writing is vivid; it's curious. Her poems question and challenge the reader to be curious too; it’s a challenge well worth accepting.'
Georgi Gill, Editor, The Interpreter’s House.
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