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The Journey of Life - Part I

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You are the result of a long journey already travelled, but one that is most certainly not at its end!

This book draws the picture of what the most recent evolutions in human knowledge have delivered as to the birth of this Universe and… of the human race. You get an overview of what the sciences, as these have been developed in the Western world the past centuries, have discovered so far, from the birth of the Cosmos up to the day you are reading this book. In many cases the scientific knowledge of current times is a translation and, even, a rediscovery of what the “wise” of ancient times already had discovered, and tried to convey in symbolic.

After reading Part I you will be able to converse about the beginning of this Universe, about the different models circulating these days on this topic, about our Solar system and its birth, and about life on Earth… up till today. Also about what separates you as a human being from the other living beings on this planet. This Part I gives you an overview of the most recent insights which humanity has acquired through the scientific way of thinking and analysis, mixed with what the sages of olden days already knew – things that are at least just as important to understand what Life, your life, is all about.

It is said that what is given for free is seldom appreciated. Be that as it may, it is what it is, the small contribution of EUR 1.11 is asked as compensation for the efforts made in composing this book, while credit where credit is due: all researchers and authors who shared and share their knowledge and imagery are credited as and when applicable throughout the book.
I hope you, dear reader-to-be, will appreciate the information shared in this Part I of The Journey of Life.

Number of pages: 222

Table of Contents

0. The Journey Has Been Long ... For Those To Whom Time Has Meaning That Is   1
I. In The Beginning Of Space And Time, (Anti-)Matter And A Gas Cloud   3
    I.1 Some Theories On The Beginning Of Beginnings   5
    I.2 The Cosmic Background Radiation As A Left-Over Of That Very Beginning   10
    + What Is Gravity?   13
    + Another Model Than The Standard Model Of Cosmology   16
    + So What Is Lightning?   17
    I.3 The Beauty Of Creation Of The - Or This - Universe   20
    I.4 In Summary Of Summary   33
II. Galaxies Galore, The Creation Of Our Milky Way   35
    II.1 The Galaxy In Which We Live   40
      + On Black Holes Again   43
      + Part Of A Group   46
      + One Word: Magnificent!   48
      + On The Topic Of Dark Matter   49
    II.2 The Galactic Discoveries Continue   51
      + As a complete and utter side note   53
III. Let There Be Light, And The Birth Of Our Sun   56
   III.1 Stars, The Next Generation (?) - And Our Sun   58
   III.2 “The Sound Of Stars”, “Aum” As The Primordial Sound Of And In Our Solar System   72
   III.3 Some More We Have Found Out As To The “Sun Of Matter”   75
IV. The Birth Of The Sun’s Planetary System, Let There Be Life And The Birth Of Earth   80
   IV.1 The Moon   84
   IV. 2 The Dancing Lady   89
     + On A Side Note Derived From The Precession Of The Equinoxes   90
   IV.3 And A Recycling Lady As Well 96
V. And Life Enters The Planetary Scene   100
   V.1 On DNA   106
   V.2 On Evolution Of Life   111
    + What Would Our Ancestors Have Thought And Made Of Fossils?   114
VI. Homo Sapiens Sapiens Species Enters The Scene, And With It The “I Am” Awareness   116
   VI.1 The Family Album   121
      + Enter The I AM Awareness   125
   VI.2 A Brief Recount Of The Next Part Of The Chronicle   141
      + On The Ascension Of The Masculine   154
      + The Result Of Ego: Power Plays 161
   VI.3 Conclusion   169
      + A Modern Day, An Ancient Style And A Mixed Conclusion   191


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*Cover picture credit: Hal Gatewood (

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