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Professional Percussion Loops Pack for DJs - Full commercial rights

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Suffering from dull DJ transitions? 😐
Looking for something to add creativity to your mixes? 😎😎

Get our pro-quality DJ percussion loops - Quantized for ultimate compatibility.

100 loops that work with ALL DJ software.

✅ Serato
✅ Rekordbox
✅ Algoriddim djay
✅ Virtual DJ
✅ Traktor

Stand out from the crowd and make your mixes more creative with percussion loops. Layer, stack and rework the loops for extra creativity. A huge 100 loops with full quantized samples that are compatible with very music genre. 

✅ Available for instant download

✅ Tested on multiple genres for maximum compatibility

Fully tested by commercial DJs. Perfect for Deep house, EDM, Funky House, Pop, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Trance and Techo. 

You can even create new remixes on the fly by looping a different style of percussion to those already in your tracks. Layer multiple percussion loops for extra creativity. 

All mastered at the same BPM for universal ease of use

The perfect BPM for a range of musical styles. You DJ software can resample this BPM to match slower or faster tempos with minimal change in quality.  Whether you're DJing at 100 BPM or 150BPM you'll easily be able to tempo shift.

Quantized to perfectly sync with your tracks

We've quantized all of the samples to sync perfectly with your music. Many percussion samples you'll find online are not DJ friendly due to the quantised / groove style applied to them.

We've created and tested each and every one of our samples with dance tracks to make sure they are perfectly in sync. 

No awkward badly synced percussion here. Just highly complimentary percussion loops that work with your music.

Percussion arrangements that compliment all dance music

All 100 samples have been created to compliment your DJ sets. Whether you're adding extra layers to your tracks or creating that perfect seamless mix, the percussion loops will always compliment what you're playing.

Single instrument loops you can stack for ultimate creativity

50 of the loops are single instrument percussion loops that can be used in many different ways. 

  • Play just one loop for a subtle addition to your tracks
  • Play 2 or more loops "stacked" and looping together to create your very own 
  • Over 230,000 combinations possible (using up to 4 at once)

Multiple percussion genres included to suit your style

We've created a wide range of percussion styles that can either compiment your current track's style or take it in a whole new direction.

Transform your track and remix it on the fly by playing one or more percussion loops over the top.

Seamlessly mix from one genre to another with by layering a percussion loop over your transition

Perfect for creating seamless DJ mixes and sets

You can now create the most subtle of seamless mixes possible. All thanks to percussion loops!

  1. Layer a percussion loop over your outgoing track
  2. Fade in your incoming track slowly
  3. Keep the percussion loop playing
  4. Fade out your outgoing track

The percussion loop will create a seamless layer to connect your two tracks perfecly. 

Works with all DJ software and hardware

We've tested the samples with all of the latest DJ software and hardware. Our high quality raw audio files work with them all. No loss of quality or sample glitches!

Whether you're rocking it with Serato, Traktor or Rekordbox, Virtual DJ, Mixxx and many more, Our percussion loops will work for you. 

High quality WAV files

No compression here!! Just high quality raw audio files mastered to sound great in both club sound systems and bedroom DJ use. 

Multi instrument loops

We created 50 high quality multi-instrument percussion samples that are ready to go. Just press play and start looping. They work perfectly over any dance music genre and add multiple layers of style to any track or DJ mix transition. 

Select from 50 different arrangements and styles, layer more than one to create more complex patterns.

Add effects, filters, beatmashers and more to create truly unique sounds to play over your existing tracks. 

Single instrument loops

We created a further 50 single instrument loops designed to super flexible and compliment all musical styles. 

Fully tested in thousands of permutations. With a 4 track remix deck there are over 230,000 combinations you can create!

Play 1 or more loops to create your own multi-instrument arrangement. Add effects and filters to make them even more unique. 

Commercial licence included

You are fully licenced to use these percussion loops in your commercial DJ sets. Details of the licence is included in the pack.

Made for DJs by DJs

We created these DJ friendly percussion samples for all DJs to use no matter what your skill level.

They're super easy to get started with and offer an insane array of creativity.


You will get a ZIP (107MB) file