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A Wrath of Sparrows Signed Paperback

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Paperback edition of A Wrath of Sparrows, Book 2.5 of The London Charismatics. This special Charismatics novella takes place between the events of Books 1 & 2. Includes a signed, personalized bookplate sticker.

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When an old enemy resurfaces, Lily is forced to choose between friendship and fate.

In the wake of a devastating loss, Lily gets an unwelcome visit from Jack Cannon, the uncrowned Lord of Limehouse. 

Sam’s former boss is dangerously close to discovering the truth about the denizens of The Refuge, information he will ruthlessly exploit. Sam, obsessed with vengeance, is poised to walk straight into Cannon’s trap. 

Only Lily knows what it will cost him. 

As war blackens the skies of Europe and newspapers grow with the lists of the dead, Lily takes to the gritty streets of the East End in a fight that will put all her skills to the ultimate test. 

To stop Sam from making a terrible mistake, Lily will have to betray him—and embrace a dark and terrifying truth about the nature of her power.

Lily’s adventures continue in this thrilling London Charismatics novella.