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eBook - Making Music More Accessible

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M3A is a book that teaches you how to intake, create, and enjoy music, built on basic truths that the human mind already understands.

These are the tools the greatest muscial minds in the world use to create the music we know and love today.

With Rhythmic and Ear training
learning structure your own chord progressions
and a comprehensive deep dive into the most powerful musical system in popular music, the Nashville Number System,

this book answers all of the questions of how music works, without the fluff that you don't need.

Included supplements:

-1000 Little Things AudioDrama podcast: the book set to a voice and a musical landscape. Designed with the book in mind, it really adds an indepth experience to the PDF itself. Listen on All major Platforms, First episode debuts August 23, 2021.

-Chart Writing Formula - Learn to write charts for any song WITHOUT needing an instrument or pitch pipe of any kind!
-Tritone Sub list - A cheat sheet for when you want to make a chord extra sweet, but need a siimple jumping point.
-Chord Progressions Chart - 40+ modern progressions, with bass and chord voicings for you, which provide a great starting practice point to play things that already sound cool.

All Ages, All skill levels

You will get a PDF (22MB) file
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