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AlterQuest - Shape the Future

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This is the second edition of AlterQuest (originally subtitled 'The Alternative Quest for Answers'.) It questions all the ways we've used to create our civilization for our human 'home' (the Earth) and why these ways were not advantageous to us.

Part Two of the book then discusses many ways we can change the systems which for so long, have been failing to support us.

Then, in Part Three, it offers many reasons to be hopeful, as well as practical solutions, methods and ideas which have been sourced (and used) all over the world. This book was written to show people that we must pursue a new way of living and it must include positive people power concepts which have been proven to work in many cities, towns and villages all over the world. 

Much has been written, or discussed, about the collapsing society - but little has been offered in the way of solutions. This book has solutions which may just be the saviour for you, your family and the other people you care about, if things do fail. With this book you can pick it up, read it, and instantly find steps to create a new society - one which will be fair and just for all.

You can't turn to anyone else right now. There are very few people who have any answers and essentially you are left out of the loop. The 'AlterQuest - Shape the Future' book will give you hope - but more than that, it WILL give you answers!
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