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New paperback book now available as an inexpensive PDF download!...  LASER TECHNOLOGY FOUND INSIDE THE GREAT PYRAMID OF EGYPT! Loaded with color photos and videos! Considered by most people to be only a tomb, Steven J Lyke discloses new revelations discovered in and around the Great Pyramid. Specifically, how it was built (using cast molds), who built it (not the Egyptians), and the true purpose (to create a powerful laser beam)! Author takes you through the chambers and galleries and demonstrates how they all worked together to create the world's first laser which was used to tap into the pulsating energy of the stars. Book picks up where Ancient Aliens leaves off. If you like the Ancient Aliens TV show, you'll love this book!  It answers questions with specific details about its construction. One example: the massive blocks are now SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to be man-made cast blocks and not quarried. (No slaves hauling up massive blocks onto ramps!) This fact alone should change history books.. and makes most other videos, documentaries and books obsolete!
The Great Pyramid was built by supernatural beings with god-like intelligence. It was a massive, multi-purpose power plant which utilized all of the scientific wonders of the universe. 
We have been taught that mankind and his technology has advanced and progressed thru the ages along a straight line path. But the technologies uncovered in this book prove that tens of thousands of years ago - perhaps hundreds of thousands of years ago - an extremely advanced civilization once walked the Earth. The Laser Powerhouse in the Great Pyramid reveals how both science and religion can now co-exist without conflict. Note: Author added his private video links which demonstrate all of the internal action taking place within the Great Pyramid. Easy to understand!
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