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Drinking Games scarf

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While watching TV or listening to a podcast, I need to keep my hands busy. For this pattern you need to consume some form of entertainment. It’ll influence the way the scarf will look. Every piece you knit will be 100% unique to you. The pattern works with any yarn you choose and matching needle size.

Size: As desired, shown in 183cm x 15cm (72×6 inches)

Needles: Needles matching your yarn, shown with 5mm needles (US 8)

Yarn: Yarn of your choice, shown in 300m (330 yards) of worsted weight yarn.

Difficulty: Cast on, bind off, knit, wrap & turn
You will get a PDF (526KB) file

Drinking Games Shawl


Drinking Games Cowl


Drinking Games Scarf - crochet edition