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Moto Repetitivo (2017)

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About Moto Repetitivo

Moto Repetitivo – ‘repetitive motion’ – is a fast three minute workout for the fingers! The piece begins with a catchy one bar long motif, designed to be divided between the hands. As the piece grows the theme develops, growing in finger-twisting complexity, while at the same time never losing sight of where it came from.

The piece deliberately includes no dynamics, tempi marks (other than an initial suggestion) and articulations on the score, meaning the performer has a real chance to make the piece their own.

Moto Repetitivo was written in November 2017 and is approximately three minutes in length.

Notes to the pianist

The main melodic lines in this piece are all written on the top stave, but yet should mostly be divided between the right and left hands. Some suggested divisions have been given but the melody has deliberately been written on the one stave for two reasons: to keep it rhythmically clear and to give the pianist the option to choose how to divide it.

There are no written dynamics in this piece – choose how to shape it yourself!
You will get a PDF (538KB) file