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Veritas Arcana nr1_2020 Eng

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In this issue we talked aboutArcheoastronomy, The Callanish Stones, in Scotland. The connection with the stars, the deep symbolism and the Greek roots of the Hyperboreans legends. Mythology, Mesopotamia. The true story of the Anunnaki, the Sumerian gods of fate, and the connections with the biblical tales of the fallen angels and giants. Space, The unexplained phenomena in space, Astronauts reported strange lights, UFO, sounds and spaceships!  History, Postcards from the future!
Germany 1930:  Atomic machines, video phones,  spaceships, TVs and space rockets!
Declassified files, Cuba: “Havana-syndrome” revealed! Americans diplomats  under attack with sonic weapons, microwaves... and singing crickets! Design, Omoshiro Block, The japanes art of perfection.
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