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Violet Payne vs Tab Jackson

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We’re back in Vegas once more for this matchup that we’re dubbing “No more Ms. Nice Girl!”, featuring a returning Violet Payne taking on Tab Jackson. Unlike Violet’s debut match with Allie Parker, she’s no good girl here! Violet is tired of losing, and realizing nice girls finish last, resolves to be more aggressive than she’s ever been! How will that work against the larger Tab however?

Tab hearing every word she has said, pretty much feels she is delusional in so many words! She tells Violet straight up that she is gonna punch her so hard, knocking sense into her little girl brain for talking the way she is! Violet reacts to this with a scream of hate, and charges at her opponent. Her momentum sends both flying into the corner, each throwing many punches and kicks once there, beginning a very physical contest!

There is a good amount of mat action to go with the physical side of this, with moves like wrist and hammerlocks, a full nelson, a headscissor, an armbar, a surfboard, a boston crab, and a camel clutch all used over the course of the bout, but make no mistake these two really wanna punish each other and do so!

There are headbutts to the midsection, boot chokes, butt drops across the back, and many punches and kicks exchanged between these ladies when they aren’t mat wrestling! It may not be entirely a brawl, but it toes that line at various points! 

Does Violet’s new attitude get her a win over Tab? Or does Tab bring her back to reality, crushing her hopes of being a dominant in the ring for the time being?

Shot in that wonderful Vegas quality that you’ve come to expect from action shot here! 10 minutes
You will get a MP4 (157MB) file
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