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A Way Out

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Malinda was not as saved as she thought because while attending NYU, college life began changing her drastically. The flesh indulging deeds that her Christian parents warned her about were marginalized. Malinda thought her internship at the Rare Beauty Modeling Agency was the perfect gig. Until, she learned that it was much more than an agency for models. When Malinda tried to get out of the brutal business, she was told that her family and fiancé' would be killed if she ever tried to leave again. She allowed the owner Jackson (Blue) Blewett to take her on a journey that led her straight to the gates of hell. Malinda stood in the hallway of the lavish house secretly saying a prayer beneath her breath. "Lord if you get me out of this I promise I will continue serving you all the days of my life. Please, Lord I need your help." When she heard the sound of the distant footsteps down the hallway getting louder, she quickly dabbed the tears that had trickled down her face. All Malinda wanted to do was live right. However, now she is playing hostess to ta throng of pimps, players and politicians.