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Never Too Much

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Romance was never a priority in Cyrille's life; her work on the local nature reserve came first. And compounded by her upbringing in a small town, finding a girlfriend seemed out of reach. "If it happens, it happens."

But now that she's in her late 30's, Cyrille realizes it's better now than never.

And a lot has changed over the last twenty years, leading to a steadily progressive attitude in town. A not yet out Cyrille braves a speed dating event, where she meets three potential partners: a childhood friend, a fellow park ranger, and a self-proclaimed "Goblin of the Forest."

A hopeful Cyrille has one person in mind, but life is full of surprises.

Never Too Much is a sapphic romance about an asexual lesbian navigating the dating scene, happy ending included.
You will get a EPUB (2MB) file