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“I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help it with you.”

Brig- After being disowned by my family, I struck out on my own. I landed in a new city, far away from everything I’d ever known. Creating a new life was hard, but I found a job in a bookstore I loved. For years I hid behind books, afraid to discover what life had to offer. But, in the blink of an eye, my dream job vanished. Fate intervened, and a handsome, successful restaurateur hired me as his personal assistant. Day after day I worked with Fernando, while the heat between us grew smoldering hot. The attraction was immediate, and when I spied on him skinny dipping in his pool, I almost gave in to temptation. But I needed to keep this job. Instead of giving in to my urges, I stuffed them deep inside. Until one day I couldn’t keep my secret crush inside any longer.

Fernando- For twenty years I worked my fingers to the bone. As a result, I now owned a chain of successful, upscale restaurants, and had an enormous bank balance. It only had one drawback, one that I never expected. I was lonely, and for the first time in my life, wondered if I had done the right thing by ignoring my heart. When I first met my new personal assistant, there was an instant connection. His deep, green eyes reassured me when I felt lost, and soon I wanted more from him than a boss/employee relationship. Brig was younger than me, and I couldn’t imagine he’d ever want to take our professional relationship to a much more personal level. But when I saw one of my employees putting the make on him, I wanted to explode. Should I take a chance on Brig, or should I keep pretending that love didn’t matter?

Missionary is a standalone novel about two men ignoring their hearts until they laid eyes on each other. This is the second edition of Missionary, and it has been substantially rewritten.
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