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In this book you will find three projects in which we will use the IOTA protocol, and the JavaAcript and Node.js programming languages; We will learn how to develop Healthy Indoor Environment Systems for smart commercial buildings using Authenticated Masked Messaging (MAM) of the IOTA protocol. Below I give a sketch of the content of this book:

Air Quality System v1: we're going to simulate a system for monitoring the humidity and temperature of an intelligent building located in Mexico City. Remotely we can know the values ​​of these parameters and then we can take measures to control them, or anything else.

Air Quality System v2: we've improved the version of our system, and we've added two more sensors, that is, an LP Gas sensor and a Carbon Monoxide sensor. We have simulated this system in a smart building in New York City, and with this version we can know if there is a gas leak and / or a fire in our smart building.

Waste monitoring system: here we're going to monitor all garbage waste in a smart building located in Berlin. We all know that these wastes emit unpleasant odors that damage the health of those who live or work in these smart buildings.

You will get a PDF (2MB) file
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