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Speak Life Membership

This is a private group for you to deep dive into your blocks, your fears, your past pain, so you can heal, rediscover your joy and uncover what you were born to do in this life. (It can be several things)

Together we will dissolve those blocks, blast those fears away, heal your hurts and use them to uncover your life purpose. The purpose God has for you. Your purpose is often found in your pain. 

 *Daily post of inspiration or thought provoking that you are encouraged to comment on and I will comment back to you.

 *Weekly journaling prompt, work sheet or questions in group (you will be tagged).

*Weekly Activity for you to complete either privately and share with me or the group. (something to get you out of your comfort zone, gently)

*Bi- Lives with me and prayer tapping (video remains in the group so replays are always available) or zoom...we will offer both.

*Accountability, support and a sounding board for any of your ideas.

*Monthly Word or whenever the Holy Spirit directs

* Private, confidential place to share and freely just be you, without judgement. 

*Discounts on Sara's books, courses and retreats!

*Also included is the Prayer tapping workbook and videos that the Lord led me to use when I first started in my healing journey. 

Who is Sara? 
Sara has been an ordained minister and life coach since 2016. She has helped not only herself heal from an emotionally neglected childhood, but countless women heal from theirs as well. She has a gift of healing and prophecy. (God given gifts) 
God shows Sara how He see's you, and with that deep love, she guides you along as the Holy Spirit heals your heart, you rediscover joy, peace, faith and uncover your soul's purpose for your life.

Speak Life Membership

per month