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Seven Sisters Pleiadian Guidance & Inspiration

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The Seven Sisters Pleiadian Guidance and Inspiration Package includes Pure Mp3 SoundTracks For each of the Frequencies From within the QFT APP & A fully Immersive Guidebook.

Since the Release of The Quantum Frequency Technologies Software in 2019, our endeavor has been met with an overwhelming influx of requests for the MP3 soundtracks containing select frequencies from within the QFT. In response to this resounding request, we have made the decision to unveil the inaugural collection of some exceptional frequencies—Our First Release is "The Seven Sisters: Pleiadian Guidance and Inspiration." This remarkable assemblage finds its place within the Turquoise Level of the QFT and also stands alone as a distinct app, readily accessible through the various App Stores.

Within this sacred offering, we are pleased to present a companion PDF Ebook, complete with comprehensive descriptions and expertly guided meditations, ushering participants into a profound communion with each of these celestial beings—the illustrious Seven Sisters, whose harmonious vibrations resonate throughout the cosmos.

With ethereal grace, these frequencies came through Starsinger with her transcendent Ethereal instrumentation device, emanating directly from the essence of each of these stellar luminaries. These frequencies have been left unmastered, deliberately preserving their innate purity. As such, it is highly advisable to experience their resplendence with headphones, attentively adjusting the volume to optimize the fullness of their magic.

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