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Zebra + Gymbag

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The Zebra – Our unique luxury animal snapback cap design with white embroidery.

The Zebra is one of the two animal snapback caps in our premium line. The very fashionable and alternate hat comes with the No Parade branded luxury enamel jewelry in the middle of the green under visor and is shipped in our stylish custom made gym bag. The zebra cap is delivered with the changeable “Not Profane – Basic Swop Sticker” on the zebra pattern visor.

Every Hat Comes:
  1. in our custom made Not Profane Gym Bag
  2. with our No Parade branded enamel jewelry on under visor
  3. with our Swop Sticker “Not Profane Basic“

Special Hat Details:

  • Color: black/zebra
  • Zebra under brim pattern
  • Exclusive No Parade branded enamel jewelry on under visor
  • Original No Parade woven label inside
  • Not Profane Caps Series Swop Sticker on visor
  • Not Profane logo in 3D embroidery on the front
  • No Parade logo embroidered on the right side
  • Not Profane lettering embroidered on back over snap
  • Made of: 80% acrylic 20% wool