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Alien In Chains

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It’s a little hard to protect your mate when you’re chained to a wall.

Sexy neighbor suddenly returns after disappearing for months? Check

Attraction to sexy neighbor is hotter than ever? Check

Someone is aggressively messing with her and it’s escalating? Gross check.


Rinna Mackey is delightfully surprised when her mysterious neighbor Tristan magically appears after disappearing for months. Though she knows nothing about him, it doesn’t stop her ridiculous infatuation with his tall, rock hard body, perfect hair… perfect everything!

Someone has been vandalizing their apartment building while he’s been gone and Rinna is a target. When an embarrassing mishap causes Tristan to step in, she has no choice but to accept his offer of help, and a date that makes her feel like there is SO MUCH more between them.

Even if he waves more red flags than she can count.


Tristan is bound to the prince of Luxxor. He’s forbidden to take a mate, but his instinct to protect the small human female is too powerful to ignore.

Beheading is worth it if it means protecting Rinna. But first, he has to get free of his chains…

ALIEN IN CHAINS is the second book in the Luxx Warriors on Earth series. Books can be read in any order.

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