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Finding Your Way 1

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Adventures with notes, rhythm and technique using only 3 notes in each hand, for piano explorers who are just getting started.

See the featured YouTube videos for samples of some of the pieces.

Introduction for teachers:

Finding Your Way is an educational piano series which aims to build confidence in note-reading and encourage the development of good technique and musicianship. The overall concept is that each piece of music is like a journey, and learning music itself is a great adventure. New ideas are introduced very gradually, taking a ‘one step at a time’ approach. All the material is original, so the series can be used alongside other piano methods if desired. Finding Your Way 1 is suitable for a wide range of ages. It is accompanied by a YouTube video series, Piano Notation Basics, and a video with a free PDF, Getting Started On The Piano.

Finding Your Way 1 concentrates exclusively on just 5 notes around Middle C (A B C D E). The idea is to get to know these notes thoroughly, and use them as a solid base for further exploration. There is also the advantage of focusing on the stronger fingers initially. Dynamic markings are not used at this stage (they will come in part 2), but staccato and two-note slurs are introduced. Hands-together playing is brought in very cautiously. Some note-naming challenges are included, but they are all worked into playable pieces. Note values are very simple, with nothing shorter than crotchets (quarter notes).

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