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I started to draw simple descriptive maps around May 2016. Their emergence and development were entirely unexpected. I can only suggest that they came from a deep need to revisit aspects of my past and to understand our family history.

My mind turned to places and experiences that I have held onto, or more accurately filed for future reference. Echoes of my childhood and places half-remembered emerged in a simplified linear form, sometimes superimposed over archetypal faces of my younger self and my parents, or in the form of illustrations of places half-forgotten, lost in time, or destroyed by war.

A kind of alphabet that I had used in my previous graphic works became more clearly defined: boats are metaphors for change and transition, waves signify an arduous journey and trees stand for hope. Slowly this symbolism began to merge with remembered details of places and people from different times in my life, archival material and literature.

It was in this organic way that my designs for 'Personal Maps' emerged. This book explains some of the works in detail and revolves around the suite of mainly printed works completed between May and December 2016 at the Leicester Print Workshop. The poems were added later, a word summary of each picture and a way of explaining the feelings that motivated me to create these images.
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