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Peace never lasts long for a Horseman. The years of relative calm Rayne Warwick has enjoyed are coming to an end as trouble stirs in medieval Spain. Unlike the last time remnants from his past surfaced, there is no reburying them. Rayne must disclose who he once was and relive the sins of his prior existence if he wants to protect his family. But if he does so, he fears forever losing Grace, whom he promised never to keep such secrets from.

Grace knows her husband is far from a saint. No man of war has clean hands. Neither did she once she became the Morte Defensore. After finding herself caught in the crossfire of a demon turf war and a failed kidnapping attempt on their son by a band of time-traveling humans, Grace asks Rayne to share whatever he is hiding about his past.  

Faced with the age-old question of “what is one life worth?,” Rayne hopes Grace values the Horseman he has become enough to forgive his trespasses. Will he crumple underneath the weight of his past, or will he embrace what he once was for a chance to live a life free of his one remaining fear?

Accompany Rayne into the past to discover how one man evolves into the High Council’s most powerful harbinger: War. 

War Rising is book three in the Servants of Morrigan: Four Horsemen series, a romantic historical fantasy epic, that combines action and romance with intrigue.

Romance with stronger content (on page sex with explicit descriptions)

War Rising is also a Oklahoma Romance Writers Guild 2022 Heart Award Finalist.

You will get a PDF (806KB) file

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