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Thera Vol 1 for Omnisphere 2.6

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Thera Vol 1 is your introduction to the city of Thera. The Thera series is intended as small preset and sample packs to be released often instead of a single expensive and overwhelming release full of content that takes months to create and may never be put to use.

The sound

Thera Vol 1 consists of 40 patches and 18 soundsources inspired by Cyberpunk, Industrial, and Darksynth artists and soundtracks. If Thera was a real city, this patch bank would be the bread and butter of its characteristic sound while the volumes that follow will go deeper into its nuances. Big distorted synth basses, heavy guitars and guitar-like synths, pads and leads that go from dreamy, big and lush to glitchy and corrupted, and sounds that scream dystopia are part of this bank. Thera Volume 1 is diverse and versatile within its own style with many presets that work well in other genres.

The story

The year is 2142 and, if you spent a few days in Thera, you'd be surprised by how interwined light and darkness can be. You'd have the chance to visit areas that were once destroyed by war and remained almost unchanged for more that a century to remind the world of how bad things can get when humans become too hungry for power, and you'd also notice its unique architecture - a mixture of minimalism, replicas of ancient buildings, and bright towers built by its unique visitors and defenders.

In 2088 the whole world changed when hundreds of spaceships appeared in the Earth's atmosphere without any warning. After failed attempts of contact, a few countries lauched attacks against said spaceships and it didn't take long until all other countries followed. At that time, Thera was part of a country that had been at war for almost ten years and was one of only three cities in the whole world that publicly declared its opposition to the attacks. After days of completely unsuccesful attacks, our silent visitors landed their ships around those three cities and defended themselves when treated with hostility. Thera remained peaceful towards them while its surrounding cities and were fled from by its inhabitants.

Fast forward to 2097, Thera is now an isolated city surrounded by the remains of other cities and countries and the technology, knowledge, and wisdom brought by the aliens who were hosted there turned it into an almost utopic place. After the aliens left and only a few remained, contact with the rest of the world slowly started to be reestablished and a some visitors were allowed in. In 2100 the fact that the three "alien cities" were completely free from disease, hunger, and crime was known worldwide and the Utopia period, as it is now known, only lasted another five years.

To be continued...
You will get a OMNISPHERE (30MB) file

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