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Basics Of a Blog Setup

Even though each blog platform has different elements and plug-ins
available, you’ll need to come up with some ideas of your basic blog
setup and structure.

This is comprised of the types and categories of information you intend
to share with the audience.

For example, you will need to create content for your:

• Profile page/About Us section
• A contact page
• Resources
• Blog categories for each type of news
• Deciding whether to accept comments
• Basic marketing elements such as a blogroll or link exchange
• Space for advertising
• Feeds
• Ad Sense sections
• Logos
• Blog archives
• Page headers

After identifying the basic elements of your blog, it’s time to choose
the actual platform you will be using. It’s not a good idea to switch
platforms at a later date, since you’ll probably end up reformatting and
editing every piece of content.

Choosing the right fit from the start is the best way to keep things
moving along smooth and simply.
You will get a ZIP (43MB) file
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