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VAGINAL CANCER Signs,Symptoms,Causes,Prevent and Treatment

Vaginal cancer is an uncommon type of cancer that starts in the vagina. It accounts for about 1 percent Trusted Source of female genital cancers, estimates the National Cancer Institute.

There are a few principle types of vaginal cancer, including:

Squamous cell. This type of cancer starts in the vaginal coating and develops slowly. It accounts for approximately 75 percent of vaginal cancers, as per the University of Texas.

Adenocarcinoma. This type of cancer starts in the vaginal organ cells. It's most common in women more than 50. It's the second-most common type of vaginal cancer.

Melanoma. Likewise with the more common skin cancer type of melanoma, this type of cancer starts in the cells that give skin shading.

Sarcoma. This type of cancer accounts for just about 4 percent of vaginal cancers. It starts in the vaginal dividers.

In early stages, vaginal cancer treatment has a high achievement rate.

Symptoms of vaginal cancer

The most common symptom of vaginal cancer is abnormal vaginal bleeding. This incorporates bleeding after menopause, bleeding amid or after sex, and bleeding in between menstruation. Other symptoms include:

watery vaginal release

painful or frequent urination

pelvic pain, particularly amid sex

fistulas, in later-stage cancer

Now and again, vaginal cancer has no symptoms. In these cases, it may be found amid a routine pelvic exam.

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