Living Joyfully with Unschooling Box Set

by Pam Laricchia

This box set brings together the best of both worlds: diving deep into the principles of unschooling and seeing how they play out in everyday situations. 

It is for every parent who is contemplating unschooling, or has taken the leap and is thinking, now what? What does day-to-day life look like in an unschooling family? How can I create a thriving unschooling environment in my home, with my family?

Pam Laricchia and her family have been unschooling for more than a dozen years. Her three children are now young adults and she's definitely experienced the ups and downs of life over the years. She shares her understanding of unschooling and her family's experiences through her books to help fellow travelers on their unschooling journeys.

She shares not only what she's found helpful along the way, but also why. Because understanding the perspective and principles behind the unschooling lifestyle will help you make the every day choices that will bring you closer to the parent you want to be. And that is a lifelong journey.

This box set contains three books:

Free to Learn: Five Ideas for a Joyful Unschooling Life

Pam shares the five paradigm-changing ideas about learning and living that freed her family from the school schedule: real learning, following interests, making choices, why not yes, and living together. These ideas were, and still are, key to their unschooling lives.

Free to Live: Create a Thriving Unschooling Home

Pam discusses the four characteristics that have had the most positive impact on their unschooling lifestyle: curiosity, patience, strong relationships, and trust. Understanding why these characteristics are so helpful makes it easier for parents to choose to respond in ways that support unschooling, rather than undermine it.

Life through the Lens of Unschooling: A Living Joyfully Companion

Drawn from her popular blog at, you'll find essays tackling everything from learning to read to visiting relatives, all organized around nine key words that have been woven into the fabric of their unschooling lives: deschooling, learning, days, parenting, relationships, family, lifestyle, unconventional, and perspective. Come dig deeper into your understanding of unschooling and what it might look like day-to-day in your family. The theme is life; the lens—unschooling.

Learning freely, living joyfully.


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