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How To Explain Things - EFL Lesson (B2/C1 level) - Teacher Notes and Resources

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This download includes all of the premium resources for the Englishin3d lesson HOW TO EXPLAIN THINGS (B2/C1 level). By purchasing this pack, you will receive five PDFs:

  • Complete teaching notes with answer keys
  • Worksheet 2e (a free resource but we include it here for your convenience)
  • Worksheet 2f (premium) - exercises on cleft sentences
  • A 'Listening and Analysis' sheet to structure the individual listening task in part 3 of the lesson (premium)
  • A 'Listening and Reflection' sheet to structure the listening task in part 6 of the lesson (premium).

The main lesson pages are freely available online, starting at

Level: Suitable for B2 or C1 learners.

Length: 2-3 hours. The listening tasks in Parts 3 and 6 are best done as individual study or homework.

Aims: To train learners to become better at explaining both procedures ('How to...') and concepts.

Target Skills: Explaining, structuring an explanation, using anecdotes and analogies, simplifying and paraphrasing and other techniques that emerge from the students' listening and analysis of various videos.

Target language: Vocabulary for giving instructions, sequencing instructions, linking with visuals, giving reasons, and other functional language arising from the videos.

Suitability: Suitable for self-motivated and self-directed learners, either adults or teens, online or offline. Learners will need listening skills at a comfortable B2 level or above to get the most benefit out of this lesson.

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (183KB)
  • PDF (77KB)
  • PDF (75KB)
  • PDF (79KB)
  • PDF (79KB)
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