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The Content Creator Starter Pack is a seven-step guide to building your brand on Instagram! 
This ebook is for you if: 
  • You’ve just started out on Instagram and have been trying to gain traction using free information from Instagram experts, but your account just hasn’t taken off 
  • You're totally confused by all the rumours going around about when to post, what to post, how many hashtags to use and need clarity
  • You see other people going viral, but no one seems to be engaging with your content
  • You have under 10k followers and want to build a strong, engaged community on Instagram
This isn't for you if: 
  • You've taken one of my courses before - this covers much of the same ground
  • You're already flourishing on Instagram and don't need any help
  • You have a clearly defined niche, you post consistently and have already monetised
  • You just want to gain more followers and don't care about steady, organic growth

By the end of this ebook you should: 
  • Have a defined niche clearly communicated in your bio
  • Be really clear about who you're serving and why you're on Instagram
  • Be able to create highly valuable content consistently
  • Have everything you need to make money on Instagram
 VIP access, discounts and questions
Alongside this ebook you'll have access to my Close Friends list where I do frequent Q&As and you'll get a 10% discount for hashtag tool Flick! 

Still not sure? 
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You will get the following files:
  • PDF (788KB)
  • PDF (76KB)
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