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E-Guide: Common Contractor Complaints and how to Prevent Them

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This E-Guide was created to help remodeler "newbies" go from meek bystander to impowered Boss.

A remodel on your home is YOUR project, not anyone else's.

I know there are a few common complaints about Contractors that can be avoided IF you learn a few tricks about contracting and how a few key elements of every project determine the outcome and final results.

By using this Guide you'll gain the confidence needed to interact with your Contactor and Tradespeople.

You'll gain insight about the complexities of this crazy business called “Remodeling” and how you can now avoid or reduce any of these complaints so that they don’t interfere with your project's success.

  • Did you 'pull the plug' on your project because you couldn't find a reputable contractor?
  • Does the fear of communicating with Contractors intimidate you?
  • Have you been through a project before and the results were disappointing?

You are not alone.

Many homeowners simply feel intimidated, unprepared, uneducated, or uninformed about how a remodeling project is supposed to go.

They are confused about how and where to find good contractors.

They don't feel they have the tools to work alongside their Contractor's successfully so they shut down and perhaps de-rail their own project wasting huge amounts of time & money in the process.

In this Guide you'll discover:

  • How to find, interview, and select the right Contractor for your project
  • How to regain control of YOUR project
  • How to prevent “$cope Creep” (going over budget)
  • How to protect yourself from poor workmanship and unprofessionalism
  • How to set-up each remodel project for success

With the tips and tools in this Guide you could save both TIME and MONEY.

Be prepared, be educated, regain control!

You will get a PDF (2MB) file