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Vampire Novel of the Weak

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This book, is a sequel and 2nd Vampiric book from VuVu Publications. This is a follow-up story from Vampire Poetry of the Capture and will see the consequences of the Friday night strike back. The game of the soul will always affect the mind.

This story is a part of a larger book series being produced by VuVu Publications, called the Vampire Saga of the Ace. 

To Further Preview this book here is from the start of the First Chapter of this Novel. Chapter 1: Doubt

‘I see the moon shining in the sky, the trees rustling behind me as, I walk towards my house. The door is already open. The door has become twisted and broken off its hinges. There is no light inside as I peer around the door, I can’t seem to find any of my candles or electric lamps.

The furniture has moved, I can barely see but, I know that the house has changed, but how and why. I suddenly hear a bang of a door upstairs. Somebody is inside my house, stalking the rooms above.’
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