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Landing Page Essentials (Guide and Checklist)

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How important do you think the landing page is for a product?

- 5 on 10
- 7 on 10
- 9 on 10

I pick option 3 every time someone asks me this question.

A landing page is at the heart of the marketing strategy of a product.

Especially if you’re more into “self serve” sales and not 1:1 direct sales.

It explains to the user why they should care about your product.

It allays their fears and builds trust, and it eventually convinces them to take out their credit card and swipe it.

This is a quick guide on the top 5 things you need to get right when you start creating a landing page. 

These are the “must-haves” without which an LP should not be shipped.

This guide includes -
  • Case study of a $50,000+ landing page
  • 18 Point Landing Page Checklist
  • Notion and PDF formats
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