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Metal Beast (a short Hanover and Singh story)

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Through the Khyber Pass of Afghanistan, a demon drives a metal beast on a hellish mission to destroy the desert city of Gushtia.

Tasked with stopping the beast, Hari Singh is aided by a young Navy Lieutenant, Jamie Hanover, for whom the lessons of Afghanistan are harsh and bloody.

But as the unlikely comrades make their own preparations Hari must ask himself who is the greater demon? The demon in control of the beast, or the beast that hunts the demon?

Metal Beast is a short story for Halloween, taking an alternative look at events from book 1 in the Adventures of Hanover & Singh: Metal Emissary. If you enjoy the Emperor’s Edge series by Lindsay Buroker or A.W. Exley’s Artifact Hunters, you’re sure to enjoy the Steampunk Adventures of Hanover & Singh.

Events in Metal Beast are not intended to have any bearing on the continued Adventures of Hanover and Singh.

Pick up Metal Beast and discover the alternate story today!
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