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The Joy of Photography Vol. 1

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This 145-page e-book consists of a collection of thirty articles that have been written over the past few years. I hope that it will provide you with plenty of food for thought.

The Joy of Photography, #1, will include things like:

- Mastering the Aperture

- Tips for Photographers on Vacation

- Mastering Composition

- Tips for Photographers on Respecting Culture

- The Joy of Photographing Waterfalls

- Photography Fundamentals: Shutter Speed

- Choosing Between Prime and Zoom Lenses

- Learning to Balance Exposure with ISO

- Making Art When Everything's Been Done Before

- Pareidolia and the Power of Suggestion

- Learning to Be Your Own Worst Critic (Self-Critiquing Your Own Images)

- Too Much or Too Little? Building Interest in Your Images

- Gear Isn't Everything

- Revisiting Your Old Work

- Why Should Your Photos Stand Alone?

- Give Your Creativity a Push: The Importance of Starting

- Developing Your Photographic Style

- Why Are People Still Drawn to the Black and White Image?

- How Photography Changed the World, Part 1

- How Photography Changed the World, Part 2

- Scouting Great New Locations for Photography

- Shooting During the Golden Hour

- 8 Tips for Taking Great Wildlife Images at the Zoo

- Using Rim Lighting to Make Your Subjects Pop

- How to Create Beautifully Realistic HDR Photographs

- Miniaturizing Real Life with the Diorama Effect

- The History of Digital Photography

- Foolproof Backup Options That Will Safeguard Your Images

- The Process of Photographing Falling Rain

- Why the Pros Shoot in RAW
You will get a PDF (6MB) file
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