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Egyptian Model Alivia-Buzz/Faded Pixie Cut

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Alivia is a model who was born and raised in Egypt, before her and her family moved to New Jersey. The princess of the Nile has some of the most beautiful thick black curly hair of any model we have ever seen. She has so much hair that Cassie commented more than once that every time she took off what seemed like ten pounds of hair, and pull more down from the top it was still a full head of hair. This shoot was particularly interesting, she was nervous, and miserable. She wanted to play with her phone during her haircut, and we told her no. Then she wanted a blanket and we told her no.

Her response was shooting a bird finger to our assistant producer. She was not a happy camper, and she really regrated her life choices that landed her in Cassie’s chair. It was a fun video that we know that you will enjoy.
You will get a M4V (4GB) file