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Bärentatzen Scarf

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This scarf combines the fluffiness of brioche with the elegance of lace - and because it’s brioche, it’s reversible.

To knit this scarf you need the following knitting skills:

- knitting brioche (in one color)

- a certain stamina while knitting - this is knitted in lace weight yarn and brioche, i.e. it grows extremely slow

The pattern PDF is 10 pages long and contains:
  • the complete written patterns to knit this scarf
  • a chart of the pattern repeats
  • photo tutorials for the brioche/lace stitch combinations
  • photo tutorials for the brioche decreases used in this pattern
As to the name, the pattern reminded me of a certain type of piped biscuits that are tradional here, called Bärentatzen (which literally translates to bear claws, but American bear claws are a different bakery item). 
You will get a PDF (4MB) file