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A boy in his early 20s… who left his hometown to work on his dream of becoming an artist. One day, he decided to spend some time in the bar, and there he witnesses a performance of a girl who plays on the piano. Her music hypnotizes him in a state of absolute acceptance of everything around. One day, when he has a chance to talk with her, he realizes that she was a different type of dreamer than he is, and he tries to understand her views. Immediately she became something like his muse.

This is a story about dreamers in today’s society. They take their dream seriously or it is like a wave that pushes them towards what they desire truly. The people who appeared in the middle of the path that they have chosen, whose struggles are like warning signs along the way, make them scare their dreams away or encourage these dreamers to carry on and to go where only a few have managed.
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