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Make no mistake, anxiety site is one of those personal topics that are very sensitive to a whole lot of
people. In fact, many people would fight you tooth and nail to deny that they are suffering from any
kind of anxiety and they will tell you to your face, “What the hell are you talking about?” if the
conversation somehow some way veers into something that is too close for comfort.
Unfortunately, no matter how you deny it, if you are suffering from anxiety, your life will suffer overall.
In fact, you may reach a point where the only person you are fooling is yourself.
Imagine that! You're walking around talking to people, living your life yet everybody knows that you've
seen better days. Everybody knows that you're not having a good time but throughout it all, you think
that you are putting on a good show and everybody's none the wiser. Pretty sad situation, right? It's
like wearing clown makeup and everybody looking at you are trying not to laugh and you thinking that
everything is fine.
Let's not mince any words. Anxiety is a mental and emotional rot that destroys you from within. It’s
only a matter of time until the rest of your life falls into shambles. At the very least, your ability to
enjoy life and everything that it brings to the table is severely damaged by anxiety.
It's always a good idea to get a handle on it but for that to happen, you must first understand that you
have it. Here are ten of the many signs that somebody is struggling with anxiety.
If you exhibit a few of these signs, it’s time to own up to it. Stop sweeping it under the rug. Look at it
straight in the eyes. Get professional help. 
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