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Joe Coffin Season Four - Signed Paperback

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Joe Coffin Season Four

A stand-up comic, a dwarf and a drag queen walk into a bar.

No, it’s not a joke, but by the time this is all over, Joe Coffin will wish it was.

The vampire threat is spreading, and with it a new menace; bats. Along with the vampires they attack anyone foolish enough to be outside after dark. But Joe Coffin doesn’t have time to think about that, he’s too busy staying alive. It seems more than one person wants him dead, but when Joe gets news of some easy money to be made he sees a way out.

The problem is, teaming up with failed stand-up comic Jim Gosling and his crew (a dwarf called Stilts and a drag queen called Duchess Swallows) might just be the death of him. Especially when the woman they are robbing is, according to local legend, a witch.

This might be Joe Coffin’s most bizarre adventure yet.

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"If ever a book deserved to be binge-watched, Joe Coffin is it."

"This book had my heart racing and had me holding my breath."

"Joe Coffin Season One drew me in from the very first page, and didn't let up until the end. Except that even now, I'm craving more.''

"A fast paced, gripping, storyline makes this book a real page turner."

"This was genuinely the best read I've had in a long time and I cannot wait for more from Joe Coffin!"

"Definitely not your average vampire novel."