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Soviet Rifles and Carbines: Identification and Operation: ORDI 7-101

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Office of the Chief of Ordnance, U.S. Army, Washington, D.C., May 1954, 57 pages, 92 photos and illustrations, 5 tables. This work was published as a guide for Ordnance personnel in the identification and operation of Soviet military rifles and carbines. The information contained in this work includes data on Soviet bolt action, semi-automatic, and automatic rifles and carbines. Although basic information on disassembly and assembly of each weapon was included, no attempt was made to provide all the details necessary for complete maintenance and repair of the weapons described. Information is given for the superficial maintenance of the weapon; common malfunctions are listed, causes of such malfunctions are cited, and the proper maintenance and repair of the weapons described. The information presented was based upon the latest and best material available at the time. Much of the information was the result of actual examination and operation of the weapons described. All of the weapons are illustrated with photographs and some drawings, in addition to close-ups of details and associated items such as bayonets, telescopes, ammunition and magazines. A Merriam Press Military Archives PDF file. FREE
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