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Jack just wanted a little more adventure in his life.

When Jack Kelly learns that his universe may be imploded, he’s on his way out the door to Vegas. That doesn’t stop the interdimensional, mind-controlled terrorist crawling through the drive-thru window of Jack’s newly inherited fast food emporium, from swallowing a thumb drive containing the ‘key to the universe.’

Jack’s looking for adventure, or at least escape; from his toxic stepmother, his dead father’s memory and the burger joint he’s been waiting to own since he was nine. Now he has to choose between selling the Mad-Cow Burger Shack and hitting the road, or joining the fight against an army of mysterious ‘Shadoe Librarians’ lurking in the crevices between dimensions, waiting to take over The Origin Dime. (Jack’s dimension, and the central thread of all parallel universes)

No pressure, but Jack may be the only one who can stop them. Will Jack choose to ignore the obviously insane ravings of a trio of mad visitors, sell the restaurant and hit the road? Or, will he find the adventure he was seeking all along might be right beneath his feet, as he unravels the mystery of his own supernatural powers, the truth about his father and the very nature of the universe itself?




 Be sure to read the first chapter of part two, for free!


Jacked was reviewed before publication and here's what they had to say!


Phew! Ok, resume breathing. That was fantastic! You had my full attention the whole way through.

-Courtney Allen  ****


Ahh...what a cliffhanger! I really enjoyed your writing!

-K. Sterling *****


I enjoyed the bits of humor, the attention to detail. I appreciate imaginative stories that are also creepy so this had me engaged.

-Adriana Dvorska *****


Just wanted to say that I love this story

-D Mercer *****


I love this story and the world it's built in. Having Jack be the author of his experience is fascinating. Great work. I think this could be a real hit.

-R Shaver *****


It has a good pulp sci-fi feel too it. The characters have energy and intrigued to them. I found the Things to be amusing- kind of like you grumpy uncle. Jack has the Marty McFly-Luke Skywalker innocence.

-J Doh ****


Heartfelt. I like Jack and his sense of abandonment and betrayal.  Things one and two, despite their seeming indifference and irritating presence, appear to be his guardian angels. And I love the idea of multiple dimensional layers composing one reality. Good story!

-O Blacke *****

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